Who runs this program? ?

This program is an initiative of the American Institute “Best Companies” in several countries in the world. It recognizes employers of choice that stand out in Africa.

How much time will we devote to this program? ?

The HRD assessment takes up to 90 minutes and the survey for employees up to 15 minutes per employee

What happens if our organization is not on the list of best places ?

Participating organizations that are not selected for the “Best places to work for in Egypt” program will not be identified and their names will not be disclosed or made public in any way.

Is it possible that other companies only distribute surveys to their most satisfied employees?

The survey links are distributed randomly. Firms that do not comply with this instruction are immediately disqualified.


Any organization with 15 or more employees, with at least two offices in Africa with more than two years of existance.

What indicators are considered in the program ?

The program focuses on different HR aspects including: Employees conditions, compensation and benefits, motivation, evolution, training, development, wellbeing, leadership and HR practices.

What about data confidentiality?

The employee survey process is completely confidential. All surveys are anonymous and when completed, they are sent directly to our system, which collects and analyzes the data.

How many questions does the employee survey include?

The employee survey consists of 36 questions, with 2 open questions towards the end.

How many questions are in the HR Assessment?

The HR Assessment consists of 154 questions divided into 6 sections.